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2021 Scrooge Christmas Toy & Food Drive
2021 Scrooge Christmas Toy & Food Drive, Monday, Dec 6th, 2pm

The Scrooge Christmas Toy & Food Drive collects toys & food for needy children of Hall County. Starting on November 27th (the Saturday after Thanksgiving) you can start bringing down your donations of unused toys and non-perishable food and place them under the gorgeous tree in the main lobby of the clubhouse. As many of you have seen in years past, the holiday spirit here at VDC is astounding and we fill the entire lobby with fantastic toys and food for needy families and children of Hall County. It is truly a moving experience.
If you don't have time to shop you can drop off checks or cash to the front desk. Checks can be made out to: Hall-Dawson CASA.
On Monday, December 6th, at 2PM, representatives from CASA and the Hall County Sheriff Department will collect all the donations, load them up, and distribute them to the families in need. Our Village Singers will be on hand to entertain us. Let’s make it even better this year!
Holiday Gifts for our Security Guards, Maintenance and Cleaning Staff
The week of December 6 through December 13 we will be collecting the Holiday Gifts for our Security Guards, Maintenance and Cleaning Staff. Just drop by the front desk at the club house between 9:00am and 5:00pm, make your donation (cash only) and sign one of the sheets of holiday paper.  We will make a card from the signed pages. The money will be divided proportionally by hours worked and time employed here this year.  Contact Nicki DeVillier if you have any questions.
Shoulder Pain Featuring Dr Elan Golan Northside Orthopedic Institute – Sports Medicine
Tuesday, 12/7 at 5 pm, Elan Jack Golan, MD, is an orthopedic surgeon with fellowship training in sports medicine. His particular areas of clinical interest include athletic shoulder injuries, ACL injuries, knee instability, hip preservation, and arthroscopy of the shoulder, hip and knee. Dr. Golan has co-authored numerous research studies regarding the diagnosis, treatment and outcome of sports-related injuries. He serves as an editor for several peer-reviewed sports medicine publications, including the American Journal of Sports Medicine. He has also contributed to multiple textbooks in the field of orthopedic sports medicine. As a part of his training, Dr. Golan served as an assistant team doctor for the NFL and NHL teams the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Pittsburgh Penguins. He also previously served as a team doctor for Duquesne University Football and the University of Pittsburgh’s soccer and gymnastics teams. His philosophy of care is to ensure that his patients fully understand their individual injuries so he can work with them to formulate the best possible treatment plan. Please RSVP to the front desk.
HOA Board Meeting
The first live streaming of the Board meeting went off without a hitch! If you were not able to tune in we have posted the video to the HOA Board page and it will be available until December 10, 2021. We hope that you find this new feature to be valuable and informative. 
Coffeecake, Casseroles & Christmas Markets with Viking
Coffeecake, Casseroles & Christmas Markets with Viking
December 8, 11am-12:30pm
Join me for a holiday brunch as we talk about the Christmas traditions and memories of Europe’s remarkable Christmas markets. No one can help you explore this magical world better than Viking! Hosted by Christmas Market fan and Viking Master Cruise Specialist, Carol Shaddix of Imagine Going There Travel.
Coffeecake, Casseroles & Christmas Markets with Viking
December 8, 11am-12:30pm
Join me for a holiday brunch as we talk about the Christmas traditions and memories of Europe’s remarkable Christmas markets. No one can help you explore this magical world better than Viking! Hosted by Christmas Market fan and Viking Master Cruise Specialist, Carol Shaddix of Imagine Going There Travel. Please RSVP to the front desk.
Shalom Group Invites the Community to the Seventh Night of Hanukkah
The Shalom Group of Village at Deaton Creek would like to invite the entire community to our Hanukkah. Please join us.We will be hosting a service every night of Hanukkah through December 6th. All services start at 5:00 P.M. at the clubhouse.
Have A Holly Jolly Evening with Holly
Have a Holly Jolly Evening with Lifestyle Director, Holly, as we celebrate the Holiday season with a plethora of fun! Featuring:
an Ugly Sweater Contest (and Parade)
Holiday Cookie Exchange
Holiday-themed Karaoke
Thursday, December 9th | 6:30pm | Ballroom
$1 per person | Get your tickets at the Front Desk
(If participating in the Holiday Cookie exchange, we kindly ask that you bring at least 3 dozen of your creation to effectively exchange)
Our Website
The VDC PET DIRECTORY has been added to our new website. This new, member only feature is located under COMMUNITY on the home page below RESIDENT DIRECTORY. You can also find a link to the PET DIRECTORY on the front page of the RESIDENT DIRECTORY.
Submit your pet’s information for perusal in the PET DIRECTORY. In the submit form, your name, email and address will automatically populate. Choose the category; then, add your pet’s name, breed, color, size, a description and up to five photos. Be sure to click Submit. Sit back, browse the neighborhood pets and enjoy a slideshow of furry portraits.
Gingerbread House Decorating
On Saturday, December 11th at 11:00am bring your grandkids, nieces, nephews and enjoy a couple hours of decorating fun! The house, frosting and extra decorations will be provided. If you want to make your home unique, you are welcome to bring additional decorations. Don't forget to bring your camera and capture the fun and laughter. We ask that everyone arrives on time to lessen the confusion - that way we can all begin together. The cost is $12 per house includes hot chocolate, coffee and water. When you make reservations please give us names and ages of everyone attending. We look forward to seeing everyone there. Remember space is limited so make your plans now.
Annual Clubhouse Holiday Party
Our Annual Clubhouse Holiday Party will be a blast this year! Saturday, December 11, 7pm. There will be NO reserved seating. This is a night to mix and mingle. We will have plenty of seats throughout the clubhouse available for you to sit and relax in between dancing and socializing. We will have live entertainment down in the Club Room as well as the Good Measure Band in the Ballroom.
Bring your favorite beverage and we will provide appetizers and desserts will be placed throughout the clubhouse. Tickets are $12 per person and you must bring your ticket to be allowed in. This is an HOA RESIDENTS ONLY event. Tickets go on sale Thursday, November 11th @ 10am. Credit Card, Check or Exact Cash. 
*Please note that the entire clubhouse will be closed from 6pm - 10pm that Saturday to accommodate our guests that evening. 
Happy Holidays!
Atlanta Integrative Wellness Center Seminar
Dr. Tedder will be here Thursday, December 16, 11am.
Dr Tedder is committed to sharing his insights with people and patients world-wide on how to create an optimal internal healing environment without the use of drugs or surgery. Dr Tedder is a well-known Upper Cervical Specialist. He has completed over 500 credit hours in formal post-doctorate training at the prestigious Carrick Institute for Graduate Studies in Neurology and the Knee Chest Upper Cervical Specific (KCUCS) Brain Stem Procedure and uses the most current knowledge within the fields of applied neuroscience, neurology, human physiology, spinal biomechanics, and wellness in clinical practice.
He will be speaking on laser treatment for Neuropathy.
LED Lights
Our LED lights increase circulation up to 400%. With Neuropathies, one of the major problems is that blood is not getting to the nerves in an adequate capacity. Blood carries oxygen, nutrients, and immunity to the area and unwanted products away. If your nerves do not get blood, they start to die. Infared therapy has been cleared by the FGDA for improving circulation and relieving pain and inflammation. LED lights are proven to increase blood flow which gives your body the ability to start the tissue and nerves repair process. 
When nerves get damaged, there is only one solution that is viable solution, the nerves must be fixed. In today's healthcare there are no surgeries or medications that will accomplish this. The only way this can happen is if you give your body the nutrients it needs to be able to accomplish the repair. Our laser aids the body 2 ways:
is stopping inflammation from accumulating and damaging the tissue is to aid the body in production of proteins and amino acids. The laser helps the body in the myelin sheath. 
Falls are the #1 cause of death or serious injuries each year for people over 55. This occurs as the nerves related to balance and strength deteriorate or die and the muscles, soft tissues, and joints in the feet, knees, legs, hips, and low back gets weaker, atrophied, and damaged like yours right now. 
Please RSVP to the front desk. 
Ice Cream & Pie Social
Ice Cream  & Pie Social, Thursday, December 16, 3pm
You scream, I scream, We all scream for Ice Cream! Here's the scoop! It's only $1.  Come join us for sprinkles of fun! And you might meet a neighbor or two. The third Thursday of each month from 3pm-4pm. We will serve a different flavor ice cream each month with assorted toppings. Please sign up at the front desk or pay when you come to the clubhouse.
Great Affordable Grapes
Great Affordable Grapes, Saturday, December 18, 6:30pm
YOU are the wine expert. This is a great way to meet old and new residents in a relaxed atmosphere. Bring your bottle of choice and a snack. If you are bringing a mixed dish that incorporates shellfish/peanuts please be sure to mark it appropriately. There is no cost to this evening of mixing and mingling. This event will be in the clubhouse. 
Christmas Day Dinner
Christmas Day Dinner, Saturday, December 25, 1pm
For those of us at Deaton Creek that are unable to be with family for the Holidays, we will once again have our Deaton Creek Family Christmas Dinner! That’s right neighbors…for $7.00, VDC will supply all the Turkey & Gravy you can eat and the rest of all the traditional fixin’s will come from all of you who attend, Potluck style! When you get your ticket for this event, let us know what you plan to bring. (Mashed Potatoes? Veggies? Dressing? Gravy? Rolls? Pumpkin Pie? Salad? Etc…) that way, we will know all the traditional (and some untraditional) goodies are all available for a real Christmas FEAST!
Nobody should ever spend the Holidays alone, please encourage the friends and neighbors you know, that will not be with family, to attend this annual event. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE make enough food for 10-15, or more, people for the potluck. This will ensure a terrific Christmas Dinner! If you are UNABLE to make anything to bring, please still attend! If you need any assistance at all, including transportation, please let us know. We will get you here and home safely.
Let’s start putting together an amazing menu! As an added bit of Holiday Spirit you will be able to come to the Clubhouse on Friday, December 24 and decorate your table with your own china, silverware and any other decorations that you would like on your table to make it more festive. Doors will open at noon on Christmas Day. Tickets go on sale Friday, November 26 at 10am.
New Years Eve Party Featuring R&B,Inc
Ring in 2022 with us at our New Year's Eve Party on Friday, December 31st @ 9pm!
We will have R&B Inc. performing that evening!
We will also have a Photo Booth so that you can take a keepsake from the evening home with you!
There will be no food provided but feel free to bring your own snacks and drinks.
Tickets are $20 per person. You may purchase 10 tickets per household Credit Card, Check or Exact Cash.
A Day In The Life with Holly (Elvis and Sun Sound)
From the aching roots of You Win Again to the bluesy notes of Can't You Hear Me Knocking, a lyric, melody, or voice has the prodigious ability to instantaneously impact our very being. 
Join Lifestyle Director, Holly, as she takes you on a musical journey (presentation-style) exploring the seeds of the music and artists that we know and love best! Featuring a different artist each month, A Day In The Life: Music, seeks to enrich and expand your repertoire.
This month's focus is on: Elvis Presley & the Sun Sound.
Wednesday, January 5th | 2pm | $2 per person | Sign-up available at front desk.
NGMC Braselton Covid Update
Northeast Georgia Medical Center is planning to recognize their front-line healthcare workers and are hoping to have some posters/signs to hold up as staff are walking in to work and leaving for the day.  Simple messages like, “We Appreciate You!” or “Thanks for all you do!
If this is something that you are interested in doing please make your sign and drop it off at the clubhouse and the VDC staff will bring them over to the hospital. The size of the poster/sign doesn’t matter…hospital leaders will be holding them as staff walk by. Thanks in advance to anyone interested in doing this!
CLICK HERE for the North Georgia Medical Center Covid Update.
CLICK HERE for info on what you can do at home if you have been diagnosed with Covid.